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Confidence Coach 


Do you ever think:

I freeze up at meetings and can't seem to get my point across. 

I'm often left doubting my decisions, wondering if I did or said the right thing.

I feel invisible at networking events and can't seem to make meaningful connections.

I feel like an imposter.
I hate that I care what others think!

I know I need to do live videos for my business but I'm scared.

Feeling stuck? Frustrated?
Ready for a change?


There is a Solution


Meet Coach Karen

Mostly badass and definitely an Alpha female, Karen has years of experience in the helping professions. She spent 20 years as a counsellor for a youth-serving agency before leaving to pursue a career as a police officer. Over the years, she has wrestled with her own adversity, demons and difficulties and has been able to define a new normal. Did you wake up today and wonder "Is this it?" or "What's next?" Well, Karen has been there, done that and can help guide you in your own process to make changes and shape your life.


Learn to set goals and stick to them. Learn to have unstoppable confidence in all situations. Learn to own your shit so you can make the changes you want. Karen has an innate ability to connect with people and get down to problems and solutions. Whatever you need, support, encouragement, accountability, the truth, someone to lead the path for you or to shove you from behind. Karen is the coach for you. She has professional and personal experience in which she has helped literally thousands of people through difficulties and make shifts in their lives. Now you can work one-on-one or in a group experience with Karen. 

Book A Discovery Call 

Let's take this journey together!

Contact Coach Karen today to schedule

a free strategy session and begin your journey

to more confidence, clear communication and deeper connections!

If you're not sure what's right for you, start with this call.



Making a Difference

What People Say

Girl in Running Clothes_edited.jpg

 Lisa M.

Karen has a 'no punches pulled, kind of straight  shooting'  approach which worked for me. She helped me see that one of the obstacles standing in my own way, was me.

When we first met, I struggled with a lot of negative self talk. She helped me quiet that little voice inside by helping me tap into a deeper power within!


Today I am more at peace and content in my day to day.

A Woman Writing at Home

Sharon C.

I have been in the position to seek advice/counselling from Karen and now, looking back on that time, consider it to have been my very good fortune to have connected with her. Karen is one of those rare people who has a natural ability for seeing situations very clearly. Karen has a gift for helping people to examine their own actions and look at their own behaviour – encouraging them to recognize problems for themselves.....Yet she manages to do so with kindness and sensitivity & without making the person feel judged or “less than”. ... that the solution was not only possible but relatively easy and achievable in a relatively short time.  I’m grateful for the experience & will absolutely turn to her again if the need arises.​


Sarah C.

I find Karen is the epitome of the word "coach/directress." She graciously holds space by asking questions coupled with extremely good listening skills which landed for me and I felt I was always directed to great life choices. Furthermore, Karen's gentle approach allows one to feel you are walking beside. Karen quietly leads simutaneously opening deep purpose to new awarenss. Each breath of her wisdom is a gift.

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