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Life and Mindset Wellness Coach

Struggling through a major
life event?

Do you have an important
goal you want to achieve?

Feeling stuck? Frustrated?
Time for a change?

Did you wake up today and
think "Is this all there is?"

There is a Solution


Work with Karen 

Accountability Partner
Receive Encouragement

Set Goals
​Identify Obstacles
Set Strategies

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Empowering women to reclaim their power and unlock their
full potential through transformational life coaching

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Meet Coach Karen

Mostly badass and definitely an Alpha female, Karen has years of experience in the helping professions. She spent 20 years as a counsellor for a youth-serving agency before leaving to pursue a career as a first responder.  Over the years, she has wrestled her own adversity, demons and difficulties and been able to define a new normal. Did you wake up today and wonder "Is this it?" or "What's next?" Well, Karen has been there, done that and can help guide you in your own process to make changes and shape your life.


Learn to set goals and stick to them. Learn to have unstoppable confidence in all situations. Learn to own your shit so you can make the changes you want. Karen has an innate ability to connect with people and get down to problems and solutions. Whatever you need, support, encouragement, accountability, the truth, someone to lead the path for you or to shove you from behind. Karen is the coach for you. She has professional and personal experience in which she has helped literally thousands of people through difficulties and to make shifts in their lives. Now you can work one-on-one or in a group experience with Karen. 

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