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Method to FREEDOM


6 Months

About the Course

VIP Signature 6 Month Program

One-on-one coaching for 6 Months to help you along that path to become your best self and become elite. By following my Signature Program Method to Freedom, you will supercharge your life and move through your hurdles and make the changes you desire.

Want to find your passion and purpose?

Want to feel happier and fulfilled?

Want to have direction and control?

Want to feel permission to choose you?

Want to feel FREEDOM to be authentically you, living without regrets?

We follow my 4 Pillars for Maximum Happiness system whereby we move through the pillars of clarity to permission to confidence and finally FREEDOM. We cover many areas, for instance, boundaries, confidence, communication, and goals. This program is geared toward learning and living the 5F's of Life; Fitness, Family, Finances, Faith and Fun.

THIS PROGRAM IS LIFE-TRANSFORMING and geared to your individual goals, process and starting place. Want to see large leaps in your growth, then this signature program is the one for you.


Using my proven system of the 4 Pillars to Maximum Happiness, you will

> Become clear about your values, goals and purpose

> Learn to communicate authentically and build supportive relationships

> Get over fear and anxiety and build your confidence

> Experience freedom of the heart and mind from negativity, restraints and constraints

> Increase your satisfaction in the areas of the 5 F's - Family, Fitness, Faith, Finances and



What you will get in this 12 Weeks Program

12 weekly x 1 hour private 1:1 coaching sessions (12 total)

Weekly homework and challenges

Handouts and any e-books or exercises

Brief/point form session notes

Reasonable access to the coach via email/text/Voxer between meeting*

One 30 minute 911 call ASAP *

*conditions apply


During the 12 Session over 6 Months, we will cover:

> Introduction, habits, mindset, goal setting and wheel of life

> Define areas of focus using 5F's

> Work within the system of the 4 pillars of Maximum Happiness

> Learn new communication skills

> View time differently and create more

> Squash fears and anxiety by practice and success

> Increase confidence

> Discover how you are holding yourself back

> Learn to give yourself permission

> Freedom to be authentic

> It's all in your court

Let's book a complimentary call to discuss this program and your needs.

Your future self is waiting. Let's Go!

Your Instructor

Coach Karen

Coach Karen

Karen Vaile has worn many hats and had a diverse career, everything from a postal worker, counsellor, first responder and now to Life Coach.

She is a certified life & mindset coach whose passion is to help others find their purpose with clarity, finally allowing them to live a life without regrets or constraints.

Karen can help you overcome life’s obstacles because she knows what it’s like to be hit by the challenges of life and has learned how to overcome them when the odds are stacked against you.

Karen herself has gone from PTSD to happy, joyous and free. She is a living testament to how the techniques and shifts she will teach you can change your life.

Did we mention she knows how to use handcuffs? Besides sounding cool, means she knows how to help you uncuff yourself from whatever is keeping you shackled!

Are you still reading this?

Pick up the phone/email and schedule a discovery call with Karen today!

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