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Relationship Brilliance


3 Months

About the Course

Discover How To Turn Your Relationships From Flat to Brilliant Like the Gems they are in RELATIONSHIP BRILLIANCE.

There is one person who is a constant in your relationships -THAT'S YOU!

Do you find the same blunders are made at home and work?

The same problems are repeated with people, and you can't seem to change these patterns?

> Do you lose your temper?

> People, please?

> Avoid conflict?

> Don't trust others?

Are you fed up with feeling alone, disconnected and unfulfilled in your connections with people?

In this 6 Weeks signature program, we will explore the four areas of most relationship problems,

> Communication

> Time

> Trust and

> Anxiety

Using my proven system of the 4 Pillars to Maximum Happiness, you will '

> Create authentic connections that feel good

> Build deeper, more fulfilling relationships with ease and confidence

> Get over fear and anxiety of being yourself

> Enjoy your interactions with others more than ever before!


What you will get in this 6 Weeks Program

6 weekly x 1 hour private 1:1 coaching sessions (6 total)

Weekly homework and challenges

Handouts and any e-books or exercises

Brief/point form session notes

Reasonable access to the coach via email/text/Voxer between meeting


We all know that relationships can be complicated.

Whether it's at work or home, we often find ourselves struggling

to make connections with others.

One of the biggest challenges is learning to communicate well.

We need to learn to express our needs and desires clearly,

and we also need to be good listeners.

In addition, we need to make time for the people in our lives.

We can't expect to deepen our connections if we're always too busy

to spend time with those we care about.

Lastly, we need to learn to trust ourselves and others.

Becoming less anxious and more trusting will help us create healthier,

happier relationships.


During the 6 Weeks, we will cover:

> Introduction, habits and goal setting

> Work within the system of the 4 pillars of Maximum Happiness

> Learn new communication skills

> View time differently and create more

> Squash fears and anxiety by practice and success

> Explore trust and withholding as protective or destructive

> Stop people pleasing and start speaking up

> If you can't be yourself and authentic, then what?

> It's all in your court


Lets talk. Book your free discovery call today.

Your Instructor

Coach Karen

Coach Karen

Karen Vaile has worn many hats and had a diverse career, everything from a postal worker, counsellor, first responder and now to Life Coach.

She is a certified life & mindset coach whose passion is to help others find their purpose with clarity, finally allowing them to live a life without regrets or constraints.

Karen can help you overcome life’s obstacles because she knows what it’s like to be hit by the challenges of life and has learned how to overcome them when the odds are stacked against you.

Karen herself has gone from PTSD to happy, joyous and free. She is a living testament to how the techniques and shifts she will teach you can change your life.

Did we mention she knows how to use handcuffs? Besides sounding cool, means she knows how to help you uncuff yourself from whatever is keeping you shackled!

Are you still reading this?

Pick up the phone/email and schedule a discovery call with Karen today!

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