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Thrive Group Coaching - COMING SOON


4 weeks ongoing

About the Course


Grow into your best self and thrive in the safety and community of others. Elevate your thoughts and life, set some goals and have the support and accountability to see them through.

This is a weekly group coaching program examining topics such as self-talk, mindfulness, beliefs, overcoming fear, creating change, finding passion and purpose, experiencing happiness, setting goals and other topics.

This is a life transforming process. Using question and answers, handouts and homework, clients grow in the areas of the 5F's for Life, Fitness, Family, Faith, Finainces anf Fun.

Let's THRIVE with the Power of Group Coaching.


Your Instructor

Coach Karen

Coach Karen

Karen Vaile has worn many hats and had a diverse career, everything from a postal worker, counsellor, first responder and now to Life Coach.

She is a certified life & mindset coach whose passion is to help others find their purpose with clarity, finally allowing them to live a life without regrets or constraints.

Karen can help you overcome life’s obstacles because she knows what it’s like to be hit by the challenges of life and has learned how to overcome them when the odds are stacked against you.

Karen herself has gone from PTSD to happy, joyous and free. She is a living testament to how the techniques and shifts she will teach you can change your life.

Did we mention she knows how to use handcuffs? Besides sounding cool, means she knows how to help you uncuff yourself from whatever is keeping you shackled!

Are you still reading this?

Pick up the phone/email and schedule a discovery call with Karen today!

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