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A Hero and A Coward Feel The Same Way

A Hero and a Coward Feel the Same Way I never thought about it before, but both the hero and the coward feel the same way. In that moment just before either takes action, they look at the situation in front of them and think “Oh F**k”

As the fear creeps in and the adrenaline floods the system, one runs always as fast as can be and the other runs toward the situation. That’s me. The one that runs towards. Body trembling, heart pounding and my legs feeling like they might collapse under my weight, I run towards the problem. Yes, I feel the fear, the very same one, that the coward does that made him or her run away.

Does that fear feel good? Of course not! Do I feel like I have it under control? Absolutely not!

I have learned I have to do it scared. Period. Each and every time.

If I waited until I didn’t feel fear or I felt safe, or the conditions were perfect, I’d be waiting until the cows come home, as the saying goes. No, I’ve learned to do it scared, that’s all. And after the first time doing it that way, any time after that it is so anti-climatic, normal, even sometimes boring it is so much easier.

That is what confidence is to me. It isn’t the lack of feeling fear, but rather the willingness to do it or try it anyway, in spite of the fear. I’ve often said be a hero, live uncomfortably. That’s where growth happens. That’s where confidence is created. And that’s where we become powerful.

So will you choose to be a hero and live uncomfortably?

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