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Be Careful Who You Follow

If you watched the documentary "Social Dilemma" a couple of years ago, we were enlightened to the manipulations of the algorithm of Google and Facebook. Referred to as Edgerank, the idea of the President's win being influenced by Facebook's algorithm no longer seemed so far-fetched.

The documentary, in its final message, asks the viewer if they believe and think like they do because of their own free win to search out information, or if Facebook creators control and can predict and push a person towards certain beliefs and ultimately behaviour.

So, essentially, this is a call to evaluate whom you follow. The ideas and musings from someone on Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin and the rest, WILL become your future thoughts and feelings.

Think that doomsday, the sky is falling fellow in the construction helmet bemoaning the coming of the end is funny and ludicrous? Keep watching and listening and subtle shifts start to happen. You know them. You've experienced them. All of a sudden what once seemed ridiculous now has a scientific backing that has you thinking hmmm....

So be selective where you get your content because it IS impacting you. Many people I know have chosen to stop listening to the news for this very reason. If you want to be successful, positive, uplifting, and motivated, look for those messages. It's hard to be happy while listening to all the horror on the planet and being told what is wrong with humanity.

Written as fiction in George Orwell's book 1984, history was rewritten almost daily and the population forgot what was once known. Well, no longer fiction, but rather fact, the algorithm is the new Big Brother, who is always watching.

Be discerning. Be critical. Be selective. What you explore today will create your future thoughts and feelings. Proceed with caution.

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