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Choose Excellence Every Morning

Choose Excellence Every Morning Every day when I wake up, I struggle with the FOA (force of average).

Hit that snooze button. I'll get up in 10 minutes. I'm too tired; I'll call in sick. I am flooded with thoughts and ideas of abandoning the day and I haven't even opened my eyes or put my feet on the floor yet. Already I am contemplating showing up for mediocrity, even JUSTIFYING these thoughts and feelings! So that's why it is important to recommit to Excellence every single day, 'cause you're going to spend the day from awakening battling those voices and situations internally and externally that say "Just give up." I never use the snooze button. NEVER. I used to have the alarm across the room, so I would get up to turn it off, thereby waking up before I got back to the bed. I don't need to do that now. I have it next to my bed, but I do not use the snooze button. Instead, I get up as soon as it goes off. That's a winners mentality. I take action even before my head kicks in. It's using body memory and just engaging the body before engaging the mind. Those who have problems getting up can try the Mel Robbins 5 second rule of 5-4-3-2-1 countdown and GET UP! Then the work starts. Commit to Excellence each morning -

Get up and do your morning routine.

Exercise. List your gratitudes. State your I am statements and your code. Be still and quiet. Read and listen to something motivational. Drink water. Eat a good breakfast. These actions done every day are the way I commit to Excellence every day, and it starts as soon as I am awake.

compass needle pointing towards excellence
Life in Excellence

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