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Don't Be Green Eyed


Sometimes it's hard to be happy when you see someone succeed while you're still struggling. Especially if you have been grinding for a while or it seems like they just happen upon good fortune or great luck.

The truth is there was a lot of work that went into this success, sometimes years of hard work, that culminate in the payout on this day. However, we don't see this or take this into account when we see them win. How many hoops do you think Michael Jordan or Lebron James made, practicing over and over again, before becoming legends? How about goal shots for Wayne Gretzky or bag punches for Mohammad Ali? You can bet many, many, many.

What they've shown you in their success is that it is possible, and yes, even for you. They say 99% quit just before the miracle happens. Dig in deeper, longer and harder. They just set the bar for you showing how far you can go if you keep plugging. So instead of seeing their success as something to be envious of, recognize the challenge they just set for you - if they can do it so can you. That is if you're willing to shoot the hoops, hit those bags and take those shots, over and over and over again.

Because no one became an instant success. It took a lot of work to get there. They now stand as your symbol that it CAN be accomplished and you CAN have it too.

So when a friend, colleague, competitor or anyone else has a success, revel in their win because ultimately it is a win for you too. Congratulate them and means it and feel it and know your right behind them because they just lead the way for you.

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