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Excellence is a Commitment to Small Things

Excellence isn't about radical massive change. Rather, it's about commitment to pursuing small improvements day in and day out.

Sometimes referred to as the Japanese philosophy of kaizen, while often called a 1% improvement idea, all come to a small conclusion.

Huge shifts, which lead to excellence and champion mindset happen in small incremental steps.

Tiger Woods did not pick up a golf club at the age of four and hit a hole in one. He had talent and ability and by practicing the same move, swinging a club at a ball, and making small adjustments each time pending the outcome, he became the world's best gold player.

Ever play a video game and get stuck on that final puzzle, usually Big Boss #1001. I hate that part in the game, I mean who doesn't. You can't move on till you defeat that guy that is destined to go through every life you have left.

I don't know about you, but usually, I turn to the internet and cheat codes at that point. But there's still a routine I do in order to get through this challenge. I perform the action, again and again, and again. Each time I perfect the next move, a small touch on the control, then death. Try again and get two touches past this and the death again. I do this over and over, slowly perfecting each of the movements needed to defeat that big boss, adding one more move in the sequence,. Until about four hours later and one thrown hand controller. I finally have perfected each of the movements throughout the sequence and I beat that beast and move on.

That is the epitome of kaizen and how the commitment to pursuing small improvements leads to excellence.

So, don't settle for mediocre. Go for excellence. And think smaller, when in that pursuit. Look at the daily incremental shifts you can create to move forward towards your goals. As the saying goes, a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. Consider what you can do small today. Before you know it the journey will be over.

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