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Find Your Why

How do you continue to push through during those times when you just feel defeated?

This was the topic during a business focus group I participate in weekly. It seems we all suffer the hopeless feeling of wondering if this is going anywhere?

Specifically, we were talking about launching, growing and just generally managing a business. But I wonder if it was a lot more than just that.

Although we did talk about the people we follow and how they can be inspirational, we also discussed that voice and those messages of self-doubt that rattle around in our heads. It doesn't matter how many motivational messages you throw at yourself, if you have a voice inside of you telling you you'll never measure up or that you are not deserving of success, or a deep-down belief you can't be rich, well then, it's just never going to happen.

What I have noticed for me, is there are two types of businesses - those that make money and are just a business for income and those I feel excited and passionate about.

The excitement and passion come from my WHY. It's having explored what brings me happiness, touches me deeply and helps provide me with a sense of direction and reason. The raison d'etre does not have to be so huge that it changes society and leaves a legacy covered under Wikipedia. But you must find that reason for yourself because it is that WHY that keeps you going when the doldrums happen. It's just a bump in the road that day and doesn't derail you or your efforts.

So it is connecting with my WHY that propels me to continue and to keep trying even when I'm not feeling it, my head is calling me a loser, and I'm down money again on the business.

I break it down each day. I can't help 100.000 women today, but I can help one woman today. And that's my WHY.

What's yours? Find it now.

find your passion
Find your passion

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