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Just Paddle

I was 40 years old when I woke up one day and thought "Is this all there is?"

Have you ever been there?

I had worked my way up to the top of my field and without some more major schooling and more degrees, I couldn't go any further. I was frustrated, bored and .... really bored. I needed a change.

My biggest single condition on a new job - I did not want to go to school anymore on my time. They had to pay me for more education. I was fed up with working full-time and attending part-time school. That stopped now, I told myself.

Did you know there aren't many jobs that will pay for your education lol? I did find one though. Police Officer. I just had to get over my anti-gun stance to carry one and change my perception that all cops were a**holes who just abused their power! This was no small feat.

So here I was, the mid-age gal going through a mid-life crisis, but, I was getting my education paid for. Little did I know it would be boot camp, in all its proverbial stereotypes of running, push-ups and dragging people around between gunfire. There I was in a world meant for the 18-27-year-old male, my competition and whom I would have o depend on for my life and safety. What was I doing???

When I left my safe and secure job to attend Police College, I was on a year and a half probation, where physical tests, as well as educational tests, were the norm during this time and all had to be passed again and again and again.

This was the second toughest and second proudest accomplishment of my life. When I got the call to attend, I went all in. Again, only the second thing I have ever gone all in. Do you wonder about the firsts are in these sentences? That was getting clean and sober, but that's another story.

Have you ever gone all in? I mean really and truly, ALL IN?

There was never any doubt that I wouldn't succeed. I believed this was a "God" directed path and I only had to show up, do the work, I mean, work really hard, and I would succeed. Would that mean being a Police Officer? That I didn't know, but I knew that no matter what, I was going someplace and I just needed to get in the boat and start paddling.

That time in my life was one of the most difficult, challenging and disruptive times. I had to leave my life and my family and go away to boot camp for almost six months. But I leaned in. I showed up 100% and gave my all. I improved incrementally by 1% every day.

Are you at a crossroads? Feeling stuck, frustrated and isolated? Think you're too old for a change? Are you wondering "Is this all there is?"

Don't hesitate or be afraid. Instead, change that question to

"What's next" and get in that boat and start paddling.

You just might be led to your true purpose and happiness.

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