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Speak It Into Existance

I heard a person who once said, "SPEAK IT INTO EXISTENCE."

That caught my attention. It follows the laws expressed in The Secret and the law of attraction. And not that I believe in those things in the way they have been presented over the years, but I do believe in the concept that all thoughts are energy, and that energy manifests and pools first before things are materialized on the physical plane.

Take for instance that all physical things on our planet were once a thought, an idea, a conception. By working, thinking and maybe even talking about it, they became solidified through that universal energy and transformed into existence. Some might call that the law of science, some a coincidence, some metaphysics, and some others, a miracle or even God.

Often mentioned as an example of this was the cell phone that was first conceptualized on Star Trek as Captain Kirk said into his hand-held communication device "Beam me up, Scottie." This is only one example but there are many. The Wright brothers flew because they believed they could and thought about how to do it and designed to apparatus to make it happen. Then next was Glen Ford as he walked on the moon. And the list is endless.

I know when I say something aloud, it has more meaning, energy and momentum. For instance, I do prayers and I do so aloud, Generally, so I can feel them with my body, but also to make sure my ego who is always listening hears that there's something bigger than it! And I also say things aloud, to friends and family, and to you, so I am forced to take action and not let the spoken words just sit there. That's my pride, kicking in.

However, I think the truly remarkable thing about having heard 'speak it into existence is really what that means about the person speaking. If your word means something, then if you say it, that will become the outcome. One of my core values is my word is law. I stand behind what I say each and every time, even if it makes it difficult or hard for me. So when I speak something, I will start focusing on one direction, one outcome and create the momentum to bring those words to fruition. One example is getting clean and sober. Once I said I surrender, then every fibre of my being went towards maintaining that state no matter what.

So I have pondered this saying quite a lot since I recently heard it. There's a part that is very excited to see what I would dream and whisper out there and 'speak it into existence but I also know I'm scared that what if it's true and I do what I say I'll do? my mind can't grasp that yet. I still have some work to do about belief and feeling deserving and all that stuff.

But just take a moment. What would you 'speak into existence if you could? Do you dare do it?

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