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Are You Ready to Create Incredible Connections
in your Relationships in just 3 months?


Relationship Brilliance

Dear friend,

Are you successful and accomplished, yet feel like your relationships are a disaster?

That if only you could change this one area, you're life would be whole and complete?  

> Do you feel alone?

> Disconnected?

> Lonely?

> Anxious with others?

> Do you repeat the same patterns?

> Loose your temper?

> People please?

> Avoid conflict?

> Don't trust others

Sound familiar?

Are you struggling to create deep and meaningful connections with others?


I hate to point this out, but there is one common denominator in all your relationships and that's ... YOU.


Get the relationships you want and deserve without changing anyone else. 

      Create authentic connections that feel good

      Build deeper, more fulfilling relationships

      with ease and confidence

     Get over your fear of being yourself

     Enjoy your interactions with others more

      than ever before!

     Be confident communicating 

     Feel less anxious

      You can change this starting today!

Relationship Brilliance

Today, Is The Most Important  Day For You


You are going to discover the underlying reasons why your relationships feel unfulfilling, and how to change this so you can experience the connections you deserve.

What you are about to discover are the strategies that I personally used & learned from years of talking to thousands of people.

These strategies are the reason why I am able to be an effective communicator and enjoy deep connections with others and enjoy a happier and fulfilled life.

With these strategies, I can assure you that you too can achieve all your goals and the success that you crave for in all your relationships.

Your frustration ends here.

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Relationship Brilliance

Group Hike



Relationship Brilliance happens when we get really clear about our wants, needs and difficulties in a relationship.

This life-changing program will show you how to communicate with others more effectively so that your relationships can thrive!

You'll discover proven strategies for making changes within the dynamics of any partnership while acquiring skills on building deeper connections.

You will discover proven powerful strategies used make changes within close friendships or romantic partnerships; it provides techniques on strengthening all types of relationship skills, including step by step instruction on how to build actionable items so as not to overlook any important bit !

And finally...the secret sauce behind living authentically without fear and anxiety. 


During the 90 Days You Will Explore


Part 1

Awareness and Evaluation


The areas of focus will be mindset, beliefs, habits, goal setting, challenges, homework and the 4 Pillars of Happiness 

Part 2
Learn New Ways

We learn new skills of communication, listening, becoming persuasive, EMCC (emotional, mental, communication or confidence) and CATT ( communication, anxiety, time, trust) along with stopping self-defeating behaviours.

Part 3

Practice Makes Perfect

Build confidence, conflict resolution skills, become authentic, reduce anxiety and fear and learn to shape time interpret feedback and experience success.


Relationships Brilliance is a revolutionary program for strengthening connections.

This will teach you how to achieve success through cultivating supportive partnerships instead of chasing romantic interests or fearfully seeking validation from others.

It'll melt away any social awkwardness and leave you with confidence in all your communications.

This will show you how to experience and enjoy loving, supportive and affirming connections in all your relationships.

What you Get

In this 3 Month program, you will receive the following


1:1 Coaching Calls

You will participate in 6 one-on-one coaching calls for an hour duration


Vision Kick Off Call

There will be a 90 minutes planning call to dig in and develop a plan.


Say G-bye Call

When it's time, we will spend 30 minutes evaluating your journey and next step.


Homework & Handouts

There will be homework, handouts and challenges. You will receive all copies of these.


Session Notes

Each session you will receive brief bullet point notes via email of the discussion.


Text Support

You will have reasonable access for questions and concerns between calls by text or Voxer.



Any Masterclasses or group coaching for free during the three months.


Free Membership

Free 3 month membership to Positive Prime app. Accelerate your goals and learning. 

Your Investment

One Time Payment


3 Monthly Payments


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My name is Karen Vaile

I've had a diverse career, everything from a postal worker to counsellor to an officer and now a life coach.


I have helped people in some of the most difficult situations imaginable.

As a certified life & mindset coach, my passion is to help others find their purpose with clarity. 

I myself have overcome many obstacles in my own life - most recently PTSD. I understand what it's like to be hit by the challenges of life and I know how to help others overcome them too.


I am a living testament to how the techniques and shifts I will teach you can change your life. You will learn how to lifv a life without regrets or constraints.


Fun fact: I can also use handcuffs! Which means I know how to help you uncuff yourself when the going gets tough!

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Research statistics say the older we get the more difficult it is to form lasting relationships.

Whether you are single  looking for that true love, wanting to put some pazzaz back into an long-time relationship, or build stronger connections with family,  friends ro co-workers, now is the time FOR YOU.

I have 30+ years of experience working in human development, which inlcudes expertise in relationships and communication. 

Although you can never guarantee results with something so subjective as personal development, but I do have a seven day money-back guarantee. If after our planning meeting

(Vision Kick Off Call ) you just don't feel like we jive, no worries. Just say so and all is good. You will receive a full refund.

You came here because you are suffering. Suffering from

  • lost opportunities in the work place ​

  • failed relationships or none at all

  • feeling alone or lonely

You deserve the support, laughter, health and fulness that comes with having deeper connections and more fulfilling relationships. 


Relationship Brilliance

We all know that relationships can be complicated.
Whether it's at work or home, we often find ourselves struggling to make connections with others.

One of the biggest challenges is learning to communicate well.

We need to learn to express our needs and desires clearly, and we also need to be good listeners.

In addition, we need to make time for the people in our lives.

We can't expect to deepen our connections if we're always too busy to spend time with those we care about.

Lastly, we need to learn to trust ourselves and others.

Becoming less anxious and more trusting will help us create healthier, happier relationships.

Do You Want To?

Create authentic connections that feel good?

Build deeper, more fulfilling relationships with ease and  confidence?

Get over fear and anxiety of being yourself?

Enjoy your interactions with others more than ever  before?

Now is the Time
Now is Your Time

Your Investment

One Time Payment


3 Monthly Payments


All rights reserved ©Karen Vaile 2022
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