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Today, I am a BADASS & an
Alpha Female.
I own my life.
You Can Too.
I can help you.

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Meet Coach Karen

Karen has worked extensively in the service professions for people for the last twenty+ years. In social services, this included working in a youth-serving agency, where she facilitated individual, group and family counselling, along with residential treatment, co-op living and day treatment schooling. 

In later years, she became a Police Officer where she has served communities and individuals in crisis and continued to use her therapeutic skills.


Karen has the following credentials:

  • Social Service Worker Diploma

  • Advanced Counselling Skills Post-Diploma Certificate

  • Certified in Human Interaction Technology (Neuro-linguistic Programming)

  • NLP Practitioner with the iGNLP/ABNLP (in progress) 

  • Certified Professional Life Coach 

  • Certified Confidence Coach

Additionally, Karen has been a student in the school of hard knocks, having her own life experiences in which she struggled and overcame many hurdles. These lessons taught her how to cope with life's hurdles and persevere through tough times.

Karen's ability to accept life on life's terms, turn left when she hits a wall, reinvent herself, and learn to live in the new normal and never-ending optimism are some of the strategies she has learned to cope with tragedy.


Karen's life today is completely changed and she is a whole, productive, and happy person. There was a time though when she was exactly where you are now, needing direction and help as she overcame many difficulties, including:

  • drug and alcohol addiction

  • disordered eating

  • depression, anxiety and social phobia

  • coming out as a lesbian during an anti-gay era

  • PTSD
  • changing careers in mid-life 

Can't seem to start anything? If you do, can't seem to finish anything? Do you feel scattered, unfulfilled, like something's missing, or there's a hole in your soul?

Karen can help you change this. A lot of what you feel is a result of your negative inner chatter. Dissecting these thoughts and beliefs and replacing them with positive habits and actions will unlock your true potential.

There are answers in the following services Karen provides:

  • Confidence, Communication and Connections 1:1 Coaching Program 

  • Confidence Group Coaching

  • B&L (Business & Leadership) Mastermind 

You can become your GREATEST self!

Unleash Your Inner Alpha Power! 


I live in Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Alpha Female Power Defined

Small dogs snarl and bite and bark at those around them because
they have pretty intense inferiority complexes.

Wolves don’t.
They don’t need to.

Be a Hero -
Lead From the Front

Do What Is Right - Live by Your Convictions

Your Word is Law - Integrity & Honesty

Give to Your Community -
Be Humble

Be Brave -
Do the Hard Work

Practice Kaizen -
1% Improvement

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I Believe ...

"You will never be given a dream without being given the power to make it come true."






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